Under the 2005 Regulatory Fire Reform Order, businesses and organisations must ensure that the fire protection components within a building ‘…are subject to a suitable system of maintenance and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.’

FR Fire Protection provide full compartmentation and fire door surveys to help identify existing fire protection measures within a building. This information is then compiled into a detailed report showing locations, current measures in place, areas requiring improvement, and recommendations.

This is a service we currently deliver for Social housing landlords, hotel groups, and student accommodation providers.


The aim of a fire compartmentation survey is to inspect and access the condition of all compartment walls and floors, including risers above and below. The survey will also consider the condition of thoroughfares including corridors, as well as any areas of a building highlighted within a fire risk plan.

A detailed report is presented to the client addressing each area of inspection. The report will raise any areas of concern, supported by advice and recommendations.

If the door does not meet the necessary standards, FR Fire Protection will present a series of recommendations that will ensure the customer is able to achieve compliancy.